Saturday, July 13, 2013

Can you be a bohemian hipster? Is that question redundant?

Guys. The love, I feel, for this dress.
Oh Free People always gets me. I can get lost in their dress shop. Or boot shop. Yes.
So, this color isn't too hot to me. But if those distressed details are actually denim, I'm sold.
I was looking for summery this time and this color isn't shouting "OMG SUMMER". But just imagine, a windy night at the beach, waves crashing, walking barefoot on the shore in the arms of your love, with this assuredly soft fabric whisking around your legs with every step. 
Yeah. You know what I mean.
Does anyone remember Demi Moore and Woody Harellson's house from "Indecent Proposal"? Not the dream one, the one they actually lived in? Peeling white paint, weathered natural wood siding, remember? Ahh it was barely shone. Anywho, inappropriate as it it, when I imagine wearing this dress its while I'm gardening. In a wild, unkept BUT LOVED, garden, with a great big woven sun hat. No accessories, and barefoot. Weird, I know. But the thought makes me feel happy :}

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  1. A girl with a dress like that, barefoot, with straw hat and in your described garden - perfect scenario!