Jayden is tumultuous. The kid is hard headed and he has energy to go for hours. He's also very loving. He can be pretty sly. He'll start up conversations with anyone, anywhere, at anytime, and it takes a special kind of person to talk to him and really appreciate him. Jayden has had a rough time since adjusting to not being the one asked about when older folks come up to us (younger one is a crowd pleaser) and even Im annoyed when people only ask about younger one and ignore big one. but, cest las vie. Lately we're trying to channel his energy and rambunctiousness into baseball and gymnastics but its not working well. Hes still got tons for home.

Penelope is moody. I've heard that little girls are more complicated than boys, and that may be why I find her so difficult, but this little girl can be cantankerous. She has her good moments, where she laughs and smiles. When she's touching something she's not supposed to I tell her "PENELOPE, NO" and she comes up to me and tries to snuggle and kiss butt. She growls, ALOT when she's in a good mood. She's a very difficult teether. She wont smile for weeks on-a-count-of not feeling well. Its been bumpy.
Husband is so unbelievably perfect that if I were to count the ways you would think that I was lying in bragging form and wouldnt believe me. But he quite literally is, perfect. The man works 80 hours a week to give us a comfortable living. Hes funny, smart, a geography wiz, and he's incredibly supportive. Hes never said a harsh word to me, our childrens eyes light when they see him (not just cause hes away, trust me). Cliches aside, he is my best friend. No one knows me as well as he does (seriously, no one. These are cliches, but I dont use them as lightly as normal people) and I have never been as close to anyone, in anyway, as I am to him. He is a miracle sent from heaven.

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